13 June 2008

Lots of this and that

Sorry I haven't been around. Some stuff going on at work that's not so hot. English plans are put on hold until work is resolved, but I should be able to resolve everything in time to do visas and plane tickets and all of that. At least I hope. More than anything, I learned a couple of lessons this week about the value of taking a deep breath and walking away from a confrontation instead of getting fired up and walking right into it without a goal. This year (and last) has been the year of good (very good) tactical moves for me, but this week I didn't live up to my potential. Ah, well. I am still just 25. Still a lot for me to learn about a lot of things, I guess. I'm cool with that.

Midterm exams are finishing up here. So this means that I have just about 4 weeks of work left before the summer vacation. I hope some fun can be had this summer. Next summer is France or something, so I should probably just bide my time.