09 July 2008

2 year anniversary notes

Yoko and I had a pretty good day, much better than our last date. We went to a Japanese Korean-style BBQ. We also had coffee and flowers and a good time with the Polaroid camera I found in the closet. The film was from the wedding, so it was older and it took the most fabulous pictures, like it was 1974 or something.

Things are quiet though as I only have three or four days left in the semester and then a couple of seminars I am organizing during the rest of the summer. I'm going to do several seminars at Yoko's university on writing abstracts for academic journals in English and maybe a couple of one-week English courses. This will be a little difficult as I imagine I will have to do the abstract writing course in Japanese, and I haven't really lectured in Japanese for an extended period of time. But it will be good practice. It should bring in the yen though, which is growing weaker by the hour against the GBP.