01 July 2008

No more dressing like I work at Blockbuster video

One of the things I am going to promise myself after I finish work in the middle of July is never tuck a polo shirt into a pair of black/ khaki pants. It's unacceptable, but I'm so lazy right now to really think about what I wear or how I look or how inexcusable my fashion choices have been this summer. It's just laziness, plain and simple.

I really have only myself to blame. Everybody in Japan runs around self-importantly in neckties, slacks, and lack of innovative thinking. My polo shirt-slacks combo isn't even coming close by this standard. However, I'm through looking the part of middle management in some dumb US cubicle job. I'm going back to school where I was truly myself and where I can truly be myself again, with a focus on ideas and publishing and writing. And I couldn't be happier.

So I resolve this: I'm wearing jeans from the UK on out. If I need to dress up, I'll put on the sport coat, or worst case scenario, the suit, but no more polos in slacks.