29 July 2008

Old Men and Beer: Going Away Party #1

It's becoming increasingly clear that I will be going to going away parties for the next five weeks. So I will recap all of them.

Old men and Beer: Party #1

When: Friday, July 25th

Where: Studio 37, Niigata City

Who: 6 teachers from former high school

Backstory: I was never close with the teachers at my former high school, so I was surprised when they called me and asked if they could have a going away party. It turned out to be really cool because it was just the guys that I was probably the closest to at the school. I was like an hour and half late by accident, but they extended the party for me and we hung out for like three hours, harassing the younger teachers who are all like ten years older than me about why they weren't married, talking about sexy vs. smart vs. rich women, and arm wrestling.

Food: I don't know, I was late and missed it.

Things learned: 1) All the teachers at the party were extremely interesting and all of them had bigger dreams than what they were doing. 2) They cared about me more than I thought. 3) They all have very strong opinions when they aren't wearing ties.