31 July 2008

Today is best day ever

Free wifi at Freshness burger? I'm speechless.

There are two sides to Stephen:

There is the side that wins a competitive scholarship worth over $200,000 to work with the best scholar in his field in Europe.

Then there is the Stephen who drops his wallet in the McDonald's toilet stall and doesn't notice. The same Stephen that lost his cell phone outside his girlfriend's apartment. And lost his plane tickets because he was too worried about the Cuban cigars he was taking into the States.

The first Stephen really needs to talk to the other one about attention to detail. There is nothing worse than having to tell a cop how long you were in the toilet. I don't know, five minutes? Ten? And why do I think I lost it there? Well, I mean, my pants were around my ankles. Seems like the most likely chance for it to fall out. Yes, of course I washed my hands.