13 August 2008

God Bless British Airways

If you are not interested in hearing about our preparations for moving, this blog is not going to be interesting for a while.

We are taking 14 bags not including backpacks and stroller to England. This is possible, for a couple of reasons. First, British Airways allows bicycles to travel for free, allowing me and Louis Garneau to stay together. Next, it allows us to take a bag and a carry-on for our own knee-nibbler, despite her not having a full ticket. Third, they allow you to take additional bags on the flight for only about $110USD, up to 32 kg. This is a lot of baggage, actually, much more than I thought and although I am so of flinching at the prospect of paying a thousand dollars just in baggage, it's not really that bad compared to the other options (sea shipping) which wouldn't allow us to send nearly as much and would require, depending on how much money we spent, actually going to the London Port after 60 days. I'm not really into that.

My books, however, my books. My books are going to have to spend some time with my in-laws. Which books to take, which ones to stay. It's like deciding on your children.

I may be on the way to finding an apartment. We'll see what pans out. I did, however, use the word 'dodgy' in an e-mail today as in
No, I'm not interested. Far too dodgy for me...