19 August 2008

Last English Class/ Going Away party

Party #9: Last English Class

When: Tuesday, August 19th
Where: In an office at Yoko's University
Who: Me and teachers from Yoko's university who I teach twice a month
Backstory: I taught English to about 12 different people at different times at Yoko's university and this class has been my longest running. These women all teach nursing. They are hilarious and they are actually able to have a true conversation class where they actually talk. They are hilarious, sweet women and today, they surprised me with a going away party.
Food: Really good pizza and fried chicken and yakisoba and other great stuff
Things learned: I loved this class. These women were really awesome to me and Yoko and the baby. They made teaching English really fun and I'm really astounded by their love and concern for me and my family. I will miss them heaps.