11 August 2008

More Party Wrap-ups

My maths-literate younger sister said she was interested in hearing about the going away parties. By my count there are two more to happen (both this weekend). Could be more though. So here we are.

Party #3: Greg Sensei and Erik

When: Wednesday, July 30th
Where: McDonalds and Starbucks
Who: Greg and Erik
Backstory: Me and Greg have been meeting for like two and half years. Could be described as key mentor. In fact, Greg is probably the reason I am going to England and is the kind of person in your life that pushes you in the right ways to do the right things.
Food: Well, not that great.
Things learned: I am going to miss Wednesday morning more than a lot of things I guess. We all have to move on, I guess, but it was hard to say goodbye to Greg and Erik.

Party #4: With Kevin Sensei

When: Saturday, August 2nd
Where: WaraWara bar
Who: Me and Kevin Sensei
Backstory: Kevin is a teacher at Keiwa. We needed to get a final drink together.
Food: Japanese bar food.
Things learned: That Shibata has a bar district and that my situation in Shibata has really been wonderful.

Former Tuesday Night English Class: Party #6

When: Sunday, Aug. 10th
Where: Tanto
Who: English class members
Backstory: I taught this class for about a two and half years. I haven't been teaching it since I have been in Shibata, but I still keep in contact with people.
Food: Wicked good
Things learned: This one started off a bit awkwardly as I haven't seen these folks in a while, but we had a really good time. Good food and the wife and baby were there too. We even had some magic tricks. I didn't learn anything, really, but reminded me of why I am going to miss Japan and why I need to do something else right now..