12 August 2008

Everything must go

I just found out that the next teacher is not going to be living in this apartment, so I gotta get everything out of this apartment — nothing can be left. But hey, only 19 days. Whatever happens, it will be done in 19 days.

We have a small toy that one of Yoko’s friends gave to Naomi. It projects light on the ceiling and shows pictures of Disney characters while playing Disney music. It’s old and reminds me of a good Seiji Fujishiro picture. We put it on the bed, shut off all the lights and watch and listen. Today, Naomi and I spent the whole day together, beginning to end. After we took a bath, she was anxious, so I shut off the lights and turned on the projector and we laid down to watch the pictures. She was lying on the other side of the bed, but got up and laid down next to me and pressed her head as close to mine as she could, all without taking her eyes off of the ceiling.