31 August 2008

One more day

I'm loving this Sarah Palin thing. Andrew Sullivan has nailed it:
For me, the more I think about it, the more this pick is about McCain's contempt for Obama. He really seems to think that Palin is as qualified as Obama to be president. If he does, it seems to me he has fatally misjudged the abilities of his opponent. As Clinton did.
This is the arrogance and ignorance of the GOP, thinking Palin can be equated to Obama. They are both not white men — see, we can do identity politics too. What would be a better way to attack your inexperienced opponent than appointing your own inexperienced candidate. Try that inexperience line of attack on her — we dare you.

I feel like it's going to be fun to watch though. Biden is going to eat her alive in the debates. I won't press the point because it will be abundantly clear after the haze of 'there's a Republican woman governor?' wears off.

All I want to do is read about this, but I am moving and will be offline for a couple of days in a couple of hours. I'll catch you from Kansai though.