04 August 2008

Oxford shirts

I know most of you are not interested in the lame minutia of my life, but I am trying to buy three simple oxford shirts for school. My fashion is going to be simple this school year: Oxfords and jeans, white chucks or black, square-toed black dress shoes, and my black North Face backpack.

I want three shirts: one black, one blue, and one white. I'm trying t
decide between Burberry, Gap, and the Uniqlo shirts. If I had £300 to blow on them (and yes, I did use pounds), I would get these Burberry ones. The Gap Oxford is okay too, I guess. I mean, if you're into the Gap. The Uniqlo ones are the ones I will probably end up getting because they are cheap, but they're button-down and I'm not sure I approve of that.