14 August 2008

Party #7 (with pictures!)

Party #7: Yoko’s co-workers/ mentor
When: Thursday, August 14th
Where: Japanese Restaurant in Furumachi
Who: Me, wife, baby, Okamura sensei, and Shinsuke
Backstory: Okamura sensei is the person who brought Yoko up to Niigata to do her MA and Shinsuke is one of her childhood friends who also ended up working with her and Okamura sensei in Niigata. They are awesome.
Food: Japanese food that was heavy on the ‘Japanese’ and light on the ‘food’
Things learned: Yoko’s friends are really great. They all treat me like a regular guy and not a foreigner speaking bad Japanese. Okamura sensei is reading ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ and was asking me what I thought about it today. Wicked cool, in my book.