25 August 2008

Solves a problem

I'm not particularly good at solving problems. It's a curse that runs in my family, the curse that causes me to have to go to the home centre store three times just to fix the toilet. The problem gets solved, but it takes three days of Evangelical Christian non-cussing, a lot of 'friggins' and 'communists'. The problems coming from moving have been difficult because it's just me trying to figure out what needs to be done. The chief problem has revolved around me getting our stuff, and my wife and daughter, from the airport to Milton Keynes. I've been working overtime on this one and the only solution seemed to be spending copious amounts of money to rent a van the night we arrived and just haul it all up. The big wind up for all of this was supposed to be that I solved my problem getting my stuff to MK, but while writing this, I got another email saying that, in fact, I had not solved my problem.

This post is dead on the table, unless I start complaining about Japanese banks.