07 August 2008

Taking it one at a time

I'm finishing up my seminar classes at Yoko's university today and have my last community center class tonight, leaving me after I finish today only 2 classes away from being completely done. This should be more bittersweet than it is, but instead I am just full of nervous, bored energy, trying to find excuses to stay away from the apartment. Right now, still three and half weeks from moving, I have finished most everything I can for now and will not be doing much more packing until the last week. As people keep reminding me, we still have to live here.

This has not been helped by Yoko feeling terribly sick the last week and a half. She sleeps when she is not working, so I have been trying to stay sane in the hours between 8 and 11, when she has gone to bed and I go to bed. Pace around, walk around the block, watch TV on the Internet. Think of everything I should be doing.

We have also not been able to find a place to live in MK and I expect that this too is one of the things that I can not make happen from here, I don't think. Just looking, asking for advice from people and thinking about it.