09 September 2008


We are now at Yoko's Grandmother's home in Nagoya. I found wifi in the air, so you can see some photos now of our trip. In one photo, I burned a candle at a shrine for the reduction of stress and remind readers of my blog to believe in what you want.

My brother the following quote from a Wall Street Journal article, which I would say is about 76% true:
"Did Mr. Theroux find suspicion of strangers in any country on his latest journey? What about Japan? 'Hmm . . . let me think,' he responds, playing with his chin. 'Japan doesn't have suspicion of strangers. They just have an utter lack of interest. They have a settled sense of themselves as an advanced culture, a sense that other people aren't doing things right. They think their food is best, their way of living is best. They lack space, but in all other ways they feel they've got it figured out.'"