11 September 2008

Slow burn

This is our third day in Mito and I think we're going to leave the house today. at least, that's the plan. Yoko and Naomi are going down to Chiba to see one of Yoko's friends who recently had a baby and I'm thinking of going along to get out of the house and see what can be seen around whatever big station there is around there.

Sometime in the last four years, I've developed a terrible allergy to dogs. I don't know how or why or where, but it is just awful and everywhere we've gone on this trip, I've been surrounded by them. I even took to wearing the ridiculous Japanese surgical mask in hopes of getting some sleep last night, but it didn't really work.

I made all the final reservations for housing and car rental in the UK, so that should all be taken care of now. The next big task will be somehow getting into an apartment after we get there. There are a couple of promising leads, but I'm not sure they are going to pan out. I'm sort of worried that I'm going to end up just making a rash decision and taking whatever is first available.

My small netbook has also been having trouble with windows making it more and more likely that eventually I am going to put some open-source, Linux-based operating system on it whenever I get settled.