16 October 2008

Moving back?

I am thinking pretty seriously about moving back here, to Wordpress. I like the ease of use, the stability. We'll see. If you're here, then you have bookmarked www.mysonabsalom.com correctly. If you haven't, well, you aren't reading this anyway, so it doesn't matter. If I do move back, I'll take all my old posts and put them back up here, so don't you worry about that. Might take a while, but it will all be back online eventually.

Naomi is weening right now, which means that I am up at night with her instead of Yoko. It's tough in that she gets sort of edgy and you have to talk her down and get her back to sleep. It's good because she sleeps longer and Yoko can get more rest. It's also good in that our relationship (Naomi's and mine) has improved since I started putting her to bed. She listens to me a little better and seems a little bit older.

Lots of reading right now — on ideology, on dialogism, on a lot of different things. There are a couple of seminal books that I just have to get through. Once I do that, I should be in a little better shape to talk about things in my field.