10 November 2008

Getting nothing done

Today has felt completely pointless. It all started with the rain. Rain on a Monday morning might motivate people like Satan, but not me. And when you have a slow, pointless weekend, there is nothing more threatening than having a slow, pointless week. You worry it might stretch into a month or a year or a lifetime. It's silly really, and probably unfair to blame it all on the rain.

I'm doing my best to remember all the parts of Japan and not just the best parts. Today though reminded me of getting on my motorbike in the rain to go teach children English, coming home and being wet and cold. This was a good thing because if I'm not careful, I remember only the good parts — the having money and good food and stability. I also have a note hung next to my computer — an artifact of a life that I used to have — that reads:
We have a class in the first period this morning
Could you teach these?
  1. "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"
  2. p. 50 Focus Listening
  3. p. 52
  4. p. 54
Junko Kawahara
This is to remind me why I am here and not teaching English anymore.

I organized FireFox on my computer, which is something I guess. I now have all my bookmarks at home and at school. I added some good extensions that allow me to see what time it is in India (20:32), Chicago (09:03) and Japan (00:03). The UK, it says is (15:03). How useful is that? I can also see that I have no new messages in my gmail account and also in my Google reader. All silly distractions: a complete a waste of time. I should go read, but I fell asleep reading. I feel carsick, too. I should proofread my paper.

My father is coming this weekend.