11 November 2008

Rethinking some things

After Obama won, it felt a little bit like the day after Christmas. I wasn't let down so much as I realized that I put a lot of energy into following the election and that energy was going to need to go somewhere. For the first week, I have been following the political blogs in much the same way that I was last week, but today I sort of hit a wall. It is time to let it go. It's over now. So I unsubscribed from about 75% of the political blogs I was subscribed too and decided, it's time to move on.

I have plenty of things I need to be putting my energy in.
Today, I worked out my research budget and will be getting a new laptop and going to a conference in July in Amsterdam and a conference in the UK in September. These things should help me do better work as I start my PhD next September.

That's all for now.