13 November 2008

What I am doing with my life

I don't know if any one is interested in this, but I have written about 6,500 words this week and these are some of them:
This can be seen practically in discourse analysis of a YouTube video thread. For example, the researcher could come across a video thread in which two participants are discussing their religious beliefs. The researcher could decide to study this dialog as an isolated discussion between the two dialog participants. If it was, indeed, a random discussion occurring independently of a larger trend, this scope might be sufficient and could provide powerful insights about video dialogs regarding religion.

If, however, there is some viral Internet trend, in which there a structure for discussion of religion on YouTube has emerged, and the dialog is taking place in the context, the researcher would be ill-served to view the dialog as random and occurring independently of another system, when, in fact, a different scope of study would be needed to more accurately describe the dialog. The researcher must be keenly aware of the multi-dimensionality of Internet texts and the interaction of numerous complex systems which give rise to phenomena on the Internet.