07 December 2008


I guess we actually do live close to London. Yesterday we went and here are the highlights:
  • We travelled by car to Finchley Central Station and then took the underground to London Bridge Station.
  • We walked around the Borough Market a little and then up to London Bridge to look over at the Tower Bridge.
  • From there we went up to St. Paul's, and then down to the Embankment across from the Tate.
  • We took a very long walk up the Embankment to Westminster to see Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.
  • Then we took the underground up to Leicester Square, had lunch in Chinatown, walked around Soho, walked to Piccadilly, and then up Regent's St. to Oxford Circus.
Altogether, it was a really standout day and as we were walking on the river to Westminster, I thought to myself, I think I have finally arrived.

All the photos are here.