25 January 2009

Anger Strike Day 3

It's still a bit early to call today a success, but it's looking to be another successful day. An interesting, unintended consequence of reducing anger has been a reduction in worry as well and a noticeably happier environment at home. I don't think we have had a weekend where we haven't argued at least once since we've been married. This would be a nice first.

I also am two weeks off the Diet Coke tomorrow, having saved somewhere between £10-15.

Unfortunately, our iMac is dying and needs a new graphics card, which the guy at the Apple store who really, couldn't have been nicer told me was going to put me back £500. Fortunately, the dying although not yet dead card just makes random parts of the screen look like this:

My friend Gary told me the secret to life was to want less, so I am trying not to want a new computer. Especially not a new 24" iMac. No. I don't want it.