26 January 2009


My anger strike is not helping my memory, unfortunately, as I left my keys at home and as I have my USB drive on my keychain (you know, so as not to lose it), I am at work with nothing to do. I did call my wife and hopefully she will be bringing it by with that loud daughter of mine.

My bank has the option to download statements as .cvs files, so I spent all evening coding spending and testing my anger strike as my wife and I tried to make sense of it and make some sort of plans for spending. Now that we both have debit cards, hopefully we can track our spending better. And even though my anger strike was tested, it was ultimately a good thing as I suppose you can't just not be angry when you're just hanging out.

I've been feeling more positive and I'm not sure if it's related to the strike. I went running yesterday and today, I had the most explosive yen to run again, so I did.