12 January 2009

Forgive me

There's not much to say. A bad grade here, Chinese takeout there. Naomi awake and asleep at the right times and wrong times.Thoughts about the new baby.

We're going to name her Mei, I think. 明 Being a metaphor person myself, I am interested in how 'light' and 'insight' are linked in the Japanese lexicon, and how, as I place this metaphor on my daughter, she becomes what she told she is. Mei is pronounce like the month 'May' and was taken from the great Miyazaki film, 'Tonari no Totoro' which shows Japan as it should be idealized in the middle of the Showa era, in the late '60's and early 70's.  Mei is the girl who sees Totoro, the mythical figure living in the woods, before anyone else sees him and who runs away. How much weight can be piled upon a child?

I may be applying to become a tutor for Intro to Fiction Writing. That would be something although I doubt my CV will pull the weight it needs to.