18 January 2009

It's weight in gold

  • The graphics card on the iMac is going. Or more precisely, the fan on the graphics card. This is leading to a trail that looks like a small barcode following the cursor. It's annoying, but the computer is still working. Unexpected expenses are the best kind.
  • Today is Yoko's birthday. We went looking for a hand mixer. Failed. I tried to make a cake. Sort of failed. Got a couple of frames for pictures. Success. Complete success.
  • My thoughts about atheism are becoming clearer which is good for my research. I think I'm grasping the issues.
  • A job is opening up in Aarhus, Denmark that is perfect for me, but they are filling it this year and the soonest I could take anything is in 2010, but most likely 2011. I would really like the kids to go to elementary school in Scandinavia.