17 January 2009

Life plans, travelling, motorcycles

Yoko is turning 19 tomorrow, so it is a weekend of celebration here.

We were in London today to go to London Aquarium, but the London Aquarium is an epic fail. I wrote on the comment card that it is a little bit like going into your creepy uncle's basement. It was really, really lame. We spent about an hour there and although Naomi got a huge kick out of it (screaming and cheering for the fish), we were only there for about an hour. We had lunch on the Embankment then walked up to Buckingham Palace through Saint James' park and into Hyde Park. We sat on a bench in Hyde Park for a while, then walked down to Knightsbridge to Harrods which is just about the coolest department store ever. A nice quiet day of strolling around.

Yoko and I have been talking a bit about where we are going after this, and Scandanavia is looking attractive, especially as the elementary school education is so good and those places tend to rank really high in happiest surveys. I saw a job listing for a position in Denmark that is perfect for me, but obviously, it's a bit early to take anything.

Anyway, we are thinking a bit about going to the continent sometime in the Spring if we have the money and Yoko is doing okay. Just a couple of nights in Zurich or Arhus in Denmark to see what it's really like. Or maybe we'll go to Munich or someplace in Germany. Things to be decided, I'm sure.

I also found out that now that I have a driver's license, getting a motorcyle license is not too difficult. We'll see what happens with that.