30 January 2009

A week of things

Is it Friday already? It is, isn't it.

Well, this week was very good — I did a whole week on the anger strike, and when I slipped up, we managed to have an actual productive argument that ended with some mutual understanding. I am feeling much more positive than I have in a long time, and I think that's a very, very good thing.

We got paid today which officially ends our hardest month here financially with that damn driver's license and test as well as road tax, eating up more than 20% of our income, right out of the gate. We had a hard go of it, but it's weird, when you don't have money to spend, you stop thinking about ways to spend your money and you start thinking about other things.

I contacted some of the YouTubers I watch and had a couple of good responses and one really long video chat with one of them. I need to think about some other things in my research, in addition to what I'm looking at now, I think. They've all been super cool, some surprisingly so. Makes it very, very clear that we only show what we want on the Internet. So we are settling in, too. Really feels weird. Weird in the best possible way.