17 February 2009

82.5 kg

Well, it was inevitable, but I think it's time for me to again do a bit of maintenance dieting. Currently my BMI is 25.5, which is technically overweight, and at 80.5 kg, I would be again at a normal weight. I would like very much to have a BMI of 23 which would be the most healthy for me, I think, but to get there, I would need to weigh 74.5 kg, which is about a 8 kg loss from where I am now. I'm not sure that is possible, but I think I am going to at least get back down to 79. I'm looking now to make about a 600 kcal swing on a day, 300 down in food, and 300 up in exercise. It's hardly anything, really — just running in the morning and not snacking in the morning or afternoon. It should take about 3 weeks to drop 3.5 kgs, and if I am able to keep it up, maybe I can get down to 75. I think the lightest I was after I lost like 10 kg a couple of years ago was 76.5. Let's see where I can go from here. It's strange to watch what you eat for the first time in a while. Feeling hungry is something I actually quite like. It feels like your body is doing something. I like the feeling of self control.