24 February 2009

Getting some stuff done

I got to work a little late today, but that hasn't stopped me from being wicked productive. I'm working on a paper about how interviews are crap for research and I just got another paper to proof for ADBI, which is wicked good news, even though the money disappears into Yoko's Japanese bank account and I never really get to see it. But the idea of it makes us feel a little more financially stable.

This morning was a string of good news that started when I weighed in at 81.8 kgs, this morning, down .7 in a week. This is good news and should, provided I am moderately self-controlled, continue down to my stated goal of 79 and maybe beyond. I was grandstanding here a while back about how I liked the feeling of being hungry to an extent, but I'll take that back now and say, It's okay about 1/10 of the time. The other 9/10s is less acceptable. Today, I got sick while running and thought, I think maybe I need a little more in the tank before I run around.

Naomi is not sleeping through the night and got up again at five this morning. She kicks the blanket off, gets cold, wakes up, kicks me and Yoko, and has to have one of use put the blanket back on. I'm thinking of moving to the sofa as I can't stand sleeping with either of them any more. I need my space, I need some quiet. Yoko has been a trooper and been getting up to take care of Naomi. I should really take half of the mornings, but if I do that, I don't make it through the afternoon here at work. There has to be some balance. The next baby will be here soon, officially ruining my prospects for getting any sleep for another 18 months, at least. It's a wonder this damn species keeps on perpetuating itself.

Finally, many of you know I like PowerPoint, and I am more interested in presentation than content. So I am putting together my Work in Progress presentation, and making prominent use of the OU crest. Here are a couple of screenshots: