10 February 2009

Giving blood

Yesterday, I was walking past the Old Lecture Theatre and I saw that NHS was taking blood donations and I thought to myself, usually if you give blood, they give you cookies when your done, and I fancy some cookies. So I went in and even though you needed an appointment, they promised to squeeze me in. And yes, there were cookies.

I waited and waited and did the screening and then waited and then laid out on the table and waited and waited and finally they took my blood and I got my cookies. It took almost an hour and 15 minutes, but as I was having sort of a pointless day, I didn't really mind.

Did you know that if you have gay sex even oral sex you can't give blood ever in England? Just once and you're out. If you're a woman and you have sex with a man who has had oral sex with another man ever, you have to wait 12 months after your sexual encounter to give blood.

I've been feeling kind of weird since then and felt really weird last night. I think I am doing better now, but I'm sort of worried that I am going to die as I'm the kind of person who thinks I will die suddenly from a brain aneurysm or something. Hopefully this won't happen.

I'm getting really, really tied up in the lives of my YouTubers.