16 February 2009

Notes on the flesh

On Friday we went to the British dentist to have an inlay that fell out of Yoko's tooth put back in. I was dreading our first visit to the dentist here, but it was fine, and he put it back in, explaining that it was likely to fall out again due to the construction of it. Making a new one, however was going to cost between £400 and £500, so we thought, well, we'll just keep putting it back in for £35. Yoko took me back to work, but like an hour later e-mailed me and said it had fallen out again.

Today we went back to the dentist to have it fixed again, and the guy spent a longer time working on it, and even adjusted another one of her inlays for nothing. Was really cool about it, too. It hasn't fallen out yet again, which means it has survived twice as long as before. If it can just stick around for like 6 months, I would be happy with that. The dentists here are quite good, I think. Compared to the US, I would say that it's more-or-less the same, but slightly cheaper here, from what I can tell. I always thought that dental insurance was very important, but it's actually not, from what I can tell. Unless you know, you have all your teeth fall out or you need surgery or something. And also, how weird is it that health insurance covers all parts of your body, but not your teeth? This is what happens when we make these sorts of things money-making endeavors.