15 February 2009

Spring is here. Spring is here?

I look totally like a dad in this picture.

Well, I was just out walking around, smoking the pipe, thinking the thoughts, and it feels like Spring is here. Definitely here.

We had an okay weekend. I was nursing my Facebook meme. It went pretty well, although I think it's dying out now. That's okay though because I got a lot of good data and thanks if you participated. And if you want to invite more people, that would be cool too.

Today we went to the park to feed the ducks, and Naomi was into it for a while and then was more interested in the other kids feeding the ducks then actually doing it herself. You can tell we are poor because we had one piece of bread that we cut up like 30 ways. The people next to us had a whole loaf and they were pulling out like three slices at a time.

Naomi thinks it's really funny to jump on me when I'm lying on the floor. She says, 'JeeeeeeeeeJamp!' and lands on my stomache. Tonight she jumped up with both feet which was a big accomplishment.

I had to clean out a whole hell of a lot mold out of the closet area, including out of some clothes. It was really a disaster. One of my suit jackets too. We just have to stick it out 'til September, I think, as I don't really want to have to try to get out of our contract as the landlord is holding like £1200 of our money. I just have to do a better job of looking for it and we have to keep the window open during the day.

I had a very English conversation with the Tesco cashier today in which I said 'Hiya' and 'You alright?' Last week, I asked someone for 'two 10ers' when I got cash back. If it wasn't for my baseball bat, my accent, and constantly speaking Japanese to my wife and daughter, I think I might be mistaken for an English person.

Lastely, I'm knee-deep in HarrĂ© and Langenhove's Positioning Theory. It's wicked good, except now I can't talk to my wife without thinking 'You're positioning me as fat' or 'You're positioning me as frustrated' or 'You're positioning me as careless.'  Wedded bliss, ladies and gentlemen.