08 February 2009

A weekend at home

The snow has continued to fall and fall here in Milton Keynes, making for treacherous going all around. We went up to the mall yesterday to get a haircut and ended up wandering around for a while. The mall in Milton Keynes spreads out over a large part of the centre of town, and there are different branches to it. It's not really that nice, but there is a place where they have an outdoor market a couple of times a week. In the outdoor market you can find all sorts of interesting things from a Polish supermarket to an Indian record shop to a Chinese food stall to Middle Eastern guys selling batteries. I got my hair cut for £8 by a Venezulan woman who chatted with me about Hugo Chavez. I like the market a lot and will like it even more in the summer when we don't have to go inside to eat on a bench to get out of the cold. 

We were in the supermarket today and I had the most overwhelming sense of happiness.