16 March 2009

A beautiful day

Yoko and I finally decided it was time to get a good mattress. We spent this weekend trying them out and realizing that if you want a good mattress, you gotta pay. We had a really nice bed in Japan that we had bought right before we got married. It was super nice and when we left Japan, following the dream, we left behind our bed, our refrigerator, and washing machine. The mattress we have now, that came with the apartment, sucks. It sucks the big one. On Wednesday, celebrating six months in Britain, we will get basically the same mattress we had in Japan. This will make things better for us, mostly by letting us have some sleep that doesn't involve waking up in pain.

We will be having the baby in the house, it looks like. Just the three of us and the midwife. That should be pretty cool, I think. I don't really like hospitals anyway.