21 March 2009

A day in London

Today, we went to London and had a good time, as we always do in the big city. The weather was perfect again. Here are the highlights.
  • Yoko's friend gave her this backpack child carrier that converts into a stroller and it is the best thing ever if you have to take a child into a city. Up and down those underground station stairs like nothing this time. Usually, we have to get Naomi out of the stroller on the train, and then fold up the stroller, carry it and her up the stairs, unfold it again... This time? Put her on my back and go, go, go.
  • The Tate Modern is an amazing building. I was a little disappointed though because I had heard Thom Yorke in an interview talk about a Rothko gallery there, and I think he was referring to a show that just came through because they only have two Rothkos, and I only got to see one as the one of the galleries was closed. There is a ton of Picasso and Francis Bacon, which I really enjoyed, but the Andy Warhol part was closed, too, so we missed that. The best part was when Naomi saw the famous Jackson Pollock they have, she laughed and made swirling motions with her hand like she was drawing it. Or that was the meaning I made of her action.
  • Anyway, then we had lunch on the grass outside the museum, walked over the Millennium Bridge, and up to Blackfriars to catch the underground to Hyde Park, but Blackfriars was closed so we had to walk up to Temple. Naomi had fallen asleep in the back carrier, which although nice in the station, gets to be very heavy when you're carrying it on your back with a baby.
  • We went up to South Kensington and decided to go to the Natural History Museum. We saw the dinosaurs there and some of the other stuffed what-have-you and Naomi finally woke up when we got to the elephant exhibit.
  • Then we walked up to Hyde Park, across from Royal Albert Hall. There's a bit Prince Albert monument there, and I went across the street to buy ice cream and coffee. We sat on the lawn for about a half an hour and I fell a little asleep, spread out on the grass.
  • And then we came home.
So basically, not to gloat, but I am living the life I envisioned myself living. And it feels good. Damn good.