10 March 2009

Denying the Holocaust

I have been watching a series of videos by a white supremacist and become curious about Holocaust denial and what sort of claims are made. I watched a six part series about Auschwitz in which the Holocaust denier went on and on about how one gas chamber at the camp had been reconstructed. It struck me how much the series (much like the 9-11 conspiracy people) chose small discrepancies and exploited them, ignoring the mountain of evidence from other sources. 'This guy was wrong, this number was wrong, so there was no Holocaust. And by the way, the Holocaust is a big giant conspiracy by the Jews.' And that's where they really lose me, at the end there. Because it's so thinly veiled, the anti-Semitic sentiment that is fueling the whole thing. Made it very clear that you cannot reason someone away from something they did not come to by reason.