02 March 2009

March 2nd, sun shining

There are no clouds in the sky this morning. Naomi is now talking about everything and is very easily entertained. The next baby is baking along nicely. Yoko had a friend and her friend's six month old boy name Yuki over this weekend. I held him a little bit and thought, Oh, I remember this. It made me more excited to have another baby around and sort of hope that a boy might be in our cards in the future. I don't know when I became the kind of person who offers to hold a baby for another person, but I am that person now and surprisingly comfortable with it.

Holding Naomi is much different now, but not any less satisfying. She's so big and confident, but when she is not and she concedes that she needs to be held, it is a quite reassuring feeling. I imagine these times will continue to grow few and far between, so I am taking them in when I can.

I also realized this weekend how I judge a place (a town or a city or a country) as nice to be in or not — if there are people of all ages outside on the streets. If people are out doing something, then it is a place I want to be. If not, I want to move on.