30 March 2009

Punish this

So much going on in my mind. I was walking to the store, writing letters to people, writing posts, all in my mind. And now, when I get here to actually do some writing, I have nothing.

One of my thoughts was about how I don't think I support punishment, the whole idea of it. I support rehabilitation. I support training people to behave well. I support protecting society by keeping dangerous people away in places where they can't be dangerous. But I don't believe that when someone does something wrong (in the terms of a society) that they need to be punished for the sake of justice. They need to pay back what they have stolen. They need to be rehabilitated if they have hurt someone. They need to be kept away from people permanently if they can't be rehabilitated. But they do not need to be punished. Punishment of criminals is supposed to make me feel better. It doesn't.

I like Nietzsche until Nietzsche poses a solution to the problem. Nietzsche realized the problem, but he could not solve it. Too bad he wasn't born in 2009. He would realize that the problem doesn't need solving. The problem is, by the way, that if you remove the linchpin of god from the world, you have to replace it with something. The thing is, the world's linchpin is the world. Or, rather, there is no linchpin. It is what it is.

Or at least I think that's what solves the problem.

Nietzsche was a misogynist though. He's a man that you wouldn't want to meet, I don't think. He strikes me as a bit of an asshole and a pervert. I love that he proposes marriage through a friend to a women named Salome and then she runs off with his friend and later gets mixed up with Freud.