09 March 2009

Relaxed shortly

On Saturday, we packed up the car and headed out West to visit the Superbs, my British friends that I met in Fukuoka about five years ago. The name, the Superbs, comes from fact that Superb Dan had the same name as the Dan that I was living and working with and so to differentiate, I started calling British Dan, Superb Dan, because I misunderstood Japanese and the meaning of the Chinese character 英. I digress.

I took some good pictures that I accidentally deleted last night playing with the camera. So I will try to paint the picture with words.
  • There was a good picture of the Superbs.
  • There was a good picture of Naomi and Superb Ruby, who is almost a year old and super, superbly cute.
  • There was a picture of Yoko and Naomi and me.
  • There were some pictures of us at a park, and a trick picture of Superb Ruby holding onto the monkey bars and looking like she was holding herself up.
  • The Superb's church, which is a contemporary church meeting in a beautiful old building that got me thinking about reclamation and using old spaces in new ways for the purpose.
We had a really relaxing time, hanging out at the Superbs' house, watching football, going to dinner, going to the park, going to the church, and some other stuff. There was a babysitter on Saturday so we were able to go to dinner as adults, which was just fabulous. Great Chinese food. Great conversation.