13 March 2009

Sorting it out

Something I never thought I would be doing: considering a membership at a buyer's club. That's right, today found me, the wife, and that kid who follows us around at CostCo, considering whether or not we wanted to become members of CostCo. I made a list of pros and cons:
  • Pro: We might save some money.
  • Con: We might end up spending more money through the allure of saving money.
Because really, that's what these buyer's clubs do. They get you to spend more money than you need to because you think you are saving money. Buying in bulk doesn't really help if you consume in bulk too. I was describing to Yoko the kinds of things we used to buy at Sam's Club when I was a kid, and she was like, 'Sounds unhealthy.' Apparently she is missing the point of the buyer's club.

It was funny too, I thought basically anyone could be a member. No, I guess not. You have to work for a company that Costco approves of. Don't worry though — the OU is okay.

I think we are going to join if only to enjoy a slightly higher quality of food than you get from Tesco.

I also got a bill for my Internet service which was way more than I thought it was going to be. Apparently a 'download limit' is actually a 'usage limit'. If you have a 10 gig limit and you and your wife are online about ten hours a day, you will overuse your Internet about £10 a month more than you thought. But that's okay, because they will sign you up for the unlimited Internet service with the new modem for only £9.30 a month more than you are paying now.

God, I hate Capitalism.