08 April 2009

Bad karma

In a world where you read good as a precurser to bad, bad is bound to come after good because you will it to be so.
I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, but I was waiting to hear the final word on the manuscript from Susan Herring. Susan is recommending rejection of the manuscript (I will try to get her comments for you).
This is the end of a 15 month process of my Birmingham MA dissertation which was in at the Journal of Computer-mediated Communication. This was to be my first major publication: it had been fully accepted and I had signed over the copyright of it. After it was held back from the January 2008 journal, I suspected that something was wrong and kept trying to contact the editor until this came back.

I understand why the article was rejected in the end, and I actually agree with the decision: my methods and conclusion were quite poor and certainly not at the lever of the JCMC. Getting comments back from Susan Herring when half of my current bibliography is Herring will be nice. I just want to feel like I can compete at the peer-reviewed journal level and so far, I have not been able to.

My co-worker said that I am just trying for too much, and I think she's probably right. I killed myself to get an early draft of my Literature Review done only for it to be half-assed and mess and now I have to re-write it again. This article was the same story basically.

We are going to see this house on Friday, the house that the good karma built. It will be nice to visualize the future.