16 April 2009

Getting jack done

I haven't gotten much done today except firm up my plans to go to Amsterdam in June; made all the claims I need to get the money into my account. Going to fly to Amsterdam on Wednesday evening and come back to the UK on Saturday: in and out basically. I was going to live it up and stay in a nice hotel on the school's dime (nice being not a hostel), but this isn't looking to be possible and I am going to be in a hostel because it's the only place open.  I'm still young and poor and should live as though I am young and poor. I am planning one enjoyable thing: a trip to the Van Gogh museum on Friday night as it stays open until 10 PM on Friday. Wicked hot, if you ask me.

Naomi has learned a new Japanese word, 'IMA!' which means 'now'. Her favourite words are 'Nana-mo' which means 'Nana too!', 'No, no, no, no!', and 'Chodai!' which means 'Give it to me!' My new favourite words are, 'Get off me, man! This is daddy's breakfast! Stop! Stop! Stooooooooopp!'

I am reading up about presuppositional apologetics, thanks to some tangles my YouTube friend are having. I was made aware of this gem of a website for reformed theology. Apparently my famed older brother wrote about this fellow for one of his master degrees (we are a family flush with masters degrees, we roll six deep). Anyway, I think it's pretty transparent when someone says, 'I can't accept a world without God.' There you are. If you can't accept a world without God, Cornelius, then you will be able to find God. This isn't shocking to me.

Finally, I hate to break it to you, Tea-baggers, but Obama can't be a Fascist and a Socialist at the same time. He's one or the other, idiots.