09 April 2009

Recession beard

My recession beard is in full swing now, and I think that I might make it over the metaphorical recession beard hump, which by my estimation, is sometime around one month.

There is a weekend of holidays in England around Easter. I liked better in Japan when we would take a week of holidays around the beginning of May just for the hell of it, rather than some religious reasons. But whatever: I'll take what I can get. I will probably still come in tomorrow though, as I am slowly, slowly working away on my literature review and I am not quite there yet. I think I am in a better metaphorical place than I was last week when I was stuck in the metaphorical weeds. But now? I'm cruising, in a metaphorical sense, of course.

Naomi today was hiding under the coffee table when it was time for me to go to school. Come and give your daddy a hug!

The vacuum cleaner also died (more bad karma), but I am no longer taking anything sitting down. I called Black and Decker and then called some centre which is going to come take it away to get fixed. No more bad appliances. You can take our women, our children, and our freedom, but you can't take our two year gaurantee. I refuse to allow it.