20 April 2009

Some things for Monday

I'm reading this very helpful book to review for Linguist List. It's called Finding Metaphor in Grammar and Usage by Gerard Steen. I'm not sure I buy the distinction between grammar and usage. I need to read another chapter.

All my YouTubers are getting crazy paranoid. The atheists. The Christians. Everyone. The craziest one is now selling (and this is not a joke) a piece of metal, covered in cement, with a carabiner connected to it and is calling it 'the turd'. He says that when they take away his guns and ammo and it gets to sticks and stones, we need to be ready. $14.95 plus $4.95 s/h. Oh and Jesus was NOT a pacifist.

Yoko wanted to go to English church yesterday, so we went and it was as maddening as ever. I just wrote a paragrpah about my religious troubles, but I deleted it. Suffice to say, it has not been resolved, and I don't think it can or will be resolved, at least not in my present situation.

Our new mattress came today and tonight is going to be great.