30 April 2009

Thursday in the library

Here I'm in the library, piecing together my data from a couple of external USB drives. I'm a backing up kind of person, so luckily I don't think we've lost much, if anything. Just a little bit here and there. Unfortunately, this is one of those things that you can't really realize until you need something and it's not there. The USB drive that I had been using to backup important things is a WD 120 Passport, which if there is some sort of grade for, I suspect it would be an F-. I have to reformat it so that is works on my PC, but it only seems to want to work some of the time. I can't tell what the problem is, but I think it should be okay.

Estimated time remaining 6 hours!? Okay, good, it's down to three... And FAIL! I think I have to do this is a different way for it to work.

Okay, here we go again. I shouldn't complain, as it is all there, it's just such a pain in the ass. Why the hell do I have a Jars of Clay record? I hate Jars of Clay. I guess this also gives me a chance to re-evaluate my music selection and get rid of the things I don't need. Like Luti-Kriss? What the hell and I have no idea why it estimates time so poorly. It went from about 2 hours to about an hour in like five minutes.

Still no baby, which means Yoko's dream (actual, not, you know, metaphorical) was wrong. Not the 29th. But we think that because the baby's name will be, Lord willing, 'Mei', perhaps she should be born in May. Just to round it out. The midwife came to inspect the house and we cleaned up and stuff, worried that we might get the thumbs down, but it turns out all you need is parking and someone to watch you other kid if you want to have a home birth. Not really that complicated, it would seem. We did, however, have to buy plastic sheets, something that I thought was not needed. It's not really THAT messy. Come on now

10,303 items to go.