27 April 2009

Weekend re-cap

This weekend came and went quickly with one party, some house cleaning, and a lot of running. Let me explain.

I got on the scale on Friday and was horrified, although not surprised, to find myself well over where I should be in terms of my body weight. So I promised myself that I would get my fat ass out on the road and run in the morning and evening every day of the weekend. This went relatively well, except on Sunday night, when my knee almost gave out on me and I thought, Perhaps I have overdone this. Today as I was walking to work, it became very clear that, yes, in fact, I had over done it and my knee was in trouble. Time to rest, drink water, stretch, and try to not think about cookies.

I tried to take care to limit my food intake, but we went to two parties this weekend and both had very good food. At Saturday's party, I spent some time speaking badly about one of the professors at the OU who wears a dress shirt and no undershirt, and it became very clear that I held a minority opinion when it came to whether or not it was unacceptable to wear a simple white dress shirt and no undershirt. Obviously, this is wrong. Unfortunately, others disagreed.

Several people asked about this blog and said, 'Are you going to blog about this [conversation]?' and I suppose this is the answer. Yes, I blog about everything.

My shoes have also been really living up to their promise.

Naomi had to have two shots today and though we spent the whole morning trying to get her excited about it (and she was pretty excited about it), when the time came, she did end up crying a bit, but not that much. Afterwards, was proudly telling us that she had gotten a shot.

I did some cleaning, and we rearranged furniture so that when the baby comes, we'll be able to move around the house without too much trouble. It's going to be tight, but it's only about five months, so we should be okay. Naomi, after I set the crib for Mei up, insisted on sleeping in it last night. What a peculiar child.

Lastly, I had a dream about my supervisor last night, that I had to take her jeans shopping with me and she had to approve of the jeans I bought.