01 May 2009

May first, June second

I have a spot on my jacket and, after taking it to the dry cleaners, they said they were not sure they would be able to remove it. I paid them £8.30 for the possibility that it could be done (which, by the way, is outrageous). This is my summer jacket, the one I need to wear in Amsterdam, so I am praying (in a metaphorical way — let's not be unreasonable) that it will come out. I had some clothes from Japan come in yesterday, a nice linen shirt included that I am wearing now. Linen is like wearing nothing, but in a good way.

Still no baby, baby pains, or baby goo, although my cell phone is sitting right in front of me, ready to ring at any moment.

I saw Raphael Saadiq on Jools Holland on Tuesday and I'm really into it. He dresses really well, too. Though this doesn't really apply to the song I have linked here:
It's actually refreshing, then, to hear a record like Raphael Saadiq's unabashedly retro The Way I See It, which doesn't try to "update" old soul sounds to a hip-hop world and a white singer. Instead, the former Tony! Toni! Toné! frontman works under the simple belief that those styles created in Philadelphia, Detroit, and Memphis during the 1960s speak as loudly now as they did then. They don't need to be revived, resurrected, retrofitted, or revitalized. They just need to be played.