08 May 2009

Me~i Chan! (^も^)<待ってますよ!

Still no Mei chan. Yesterday, Yoko felt her come down and I went to bed expecting to get up in a couple of hours to mop up baby goo, but nothing happened and nothing is still happening. Yoko went to Mum and Tot's group and I came to work.

I don't think anyone is as interested in my YouTubers as I am. One of the big ones closed his account this week under a cloud of suspicion, but I was trying to recount the story to my brother and I was realizing, I'm not sure that this is interesting to anyone but me.

Have you ever told a lie? That makes you a liar.

Now, my computer problem is more or less solved, I think. The hard disk I got is either broken or it is not, but I can't seem to trust the Apple Store guy about it. Anyway, Lord willing, this will all come together this afternoon. I will be selling my old iMac for parts. Happy bidding!