04 June 2009

Amsterdam 2

First, the conference is great. Much better than last year because I know people and I'm a student and I can talk to people much more proficient than last year. A couple of doctoral students from the University here came up to me and said, 'Lynne told us that you were worried you were losing your mojo and we should try to cheer you up.' That made my day.

Amsterdam is okay. Better than I thought yesterday, but I'm still not feeling it. Being able to buy marijuana and pay for sex does not, in my humble opinion, a great city make. Especially for a prude like me, who, it turns out, really is just into hanging out with his wife and daughters and going to art museums. That's all I want. I can have sex for free at home, and beer buzzs me plenty, thank you very much.

But freedom means letting people be free to do things you don't like, so I can accept it. I'm not sure I would want to bring up kids here though.

Well, to the park again.