28 June 2009

Everything is damp

Really, I have been meaning to write more. I wrote something yesterday, but it went away when I hit post. It was not meant to be.

I am 27 now and one year closer to being in my mid-thirties, which is how old I actually feel.

My parents were here last week and we had a lovely time, despite me being constantly distracted. I am always distracted by something: quite often the wrong things. I don't like having to make a defense of the decisions I've made, and something about having my parents around has always made me defensive, especially in recent years. But last week, I didn't feel that way at all, and I think it may mean that I am getting older and more confident. I would like to think that.

My parents are also just good people and I think, every time that I am around them that I would like to spend more time with them and I wish we lived closer to them. But it is not in the cards right now, and that's okay.

For my birthday I got some Lacoste white tennis shoes, the kind that go well with my blazer and my overall adult look. I got a hair trimmer, which I have been using to keep myself in increasingly orderly condition below the neck line. I got an Amazon gift certificate that I will be using soon. I got Murakami Haruki's new novel in Japanese. I got another computer screen: this was my gift to myself and something I needed to keep my sanity when working and having Naomi watch a video. It worked out well in the end, but it took me two days to get it working.

What else? Naomi peed on the carpet again, but once in the toilet so that was good. I have a busy month of July. Then August and then in September, after the eighth, I will be done before I begin again. And that will be nice.